REGEX Extraction Reorder

I am using REGEX to extract a date from a URL. The current date format in the URL is YYYYMMDD, it is my understanding for bubble to recognize this as a date it needs to be reformated as MM/DD/YYYY.

Is there a simple way to just swap the order inside bubble? Based on what I am finding I can’t have a REGEX pattern swap it directly with the pattern so thinking maybe I have to save it to 3 separate fields and then put it all together after that in a 4th field? I am imagining there has to be an easier/cleaner solution but just not finding it.

I thought it was pretty flexible so might accept that format just with /.

What about if you just reference the character positions and reverse it that way?

Characters 5,6 Characters 7,8 Characters 1234 ?

For the front and end ones just use truncated to, then truncated from. For the middle you would use both. Bit clunky but it gets the result?

I’ll give this a shot. With just the original format or even as YYYY-MM-DD it still is threw an error saying it needs to be a “date format and it’s currently formatted as text. “

Maine it’s not the regex and something else I’m missing? I tried “formatted as…” but it didn’t have an option for date.

did you try - Data Sources - Bubble Docs ? (arbitrary date/time)

I’ll check it out, it’s not the website people are on though. Users submit a url to my app and I’m looking to extract the data from that specifically.

yeah i just mean use
to parse the value in? unsure what you’re using it for etc as to if this works for your case