Very weird Text > Date behaviour - Bug?

I have a text field (in standard date/time format) being passed from an API.

Trying to store it in a date field.

Bubble gives me an error …



But then it actually works exactly as I wanted. It even did the Time Zone correction for me.



Do you suppose that because you’re extracting with Regex then Bubble’s error checker is assuming it’s made into text?

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Regex is indeed extracted as text

No, it says the same thing if you put another step after, and make the date field = text field.

It is definately a text field, and I want to put it in a date field. Which am fairly sure should be possible.

It works if it comes directly from the API, as Bubble knows it is a date.

But the API provides a list of events, not an Array, which is annoying.

Ah, API connector had forgotten it was a date.

So I can store the list of dates in a … list of dates and then use the index to find the right one…which is a date.

Still a bit odd !

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