REGEX Stop working


this forum cannot post regex code properly , so i paste with image

this forum also cannot post my data correctly, replace with image

tested on multiple regex testing site. ALL WORKING.

This very simple REGEX is completely not working in bubble enviroment anymore.

I tested again with simple function :

Create a test page, with input,
another action to extract the input data with Regex.

Outcome = {empty}

Hi @zhihong0321 ,

Check Bubble’s regex help documentation here.

Tip, use ChatGPT to build your Bubble regex expressions.

Hope this helps,

MVP Design

FYI: You can post your regex code if you put it as

multi-line code


single-line code

normal text by escaping characters
which looks like this: \/\<speak>(.*?)<\\/speak>/s

Hi @zhihong0321,

In case you want to remove the <speak> and </speak> tags from a text, it should be possible to use ‘find and replace’ together with this regex: <\/?speak\>.





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