Regex to extract domain from URL doesn't work


I have tried using ‘Extract with Regex’ on bubble to extract domain name from a URL.

Eg; when i input , then I want ‘’ to be extracted

I am trying with this regex - (?:a-z0-9?.)+[a-z0-9][a-z0-9-]{0,61}[a-z0-9]

This worked fine yesterday, the output came as desired.

But today, it wont work anymore. Don’t know why.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Yeah, regex things that used to work no longer do.

Not sure what they did.

Hey folks!

If you’re seeing unexpected behavior, or if stuff that worked now no longer does, please do file a bug report with reproducible steps so that our team can investigate!

Thanks in advance.

I’m sure there’s a way to do it with a single replace using regex, but will leave it there for now.

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