Register address in DB

So, my question is also the following, how do I register these addresses in the DB, for example, in my app there are schools, then how do I create an Item called “address” of the geographic address type and relate each school to this address ? Or I create an item “address” with “city” of type text, “state” of type text, etc.

Hi @fococaveira1

I think you have it quite settled already. If every school has just one address. Then it’s better to go on with having an address field type on your school data type.

However, if schools may have more than one address or you want to do some pretty advanced filtering and searching later on with schools addresses. You can go the other way of having an address data type and linking that with a school.

It’ll look like this;
Data type: Address
Field 1: location (text) for number and street name
Field 2: city (text/use an API)

Then on your school data field
Data type: School
Field: Address (type = address) + check that checkbox to allow it act as a list.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve got any follow up questions.


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