Relate Product and Inventory data types

Hello there,

Need help with my DB structure.

I have in my DB:

  • Product data type
  • Inventory data type (data fields: location, quantity and Product) → it contains a “location” field because my business will have many locations so I need this field to move inventory from one location to another.

So, in my sales “workflow”, I want to access to my Product WHEN my inventory quantity (data field) > 0. (I want to select the product name that will be sold, accesing to the Product through Inventory when Inventory quantity > 0, but i can’t)

But I cannot access to Product data type fields from my Inventory data type.

Should I add a Inventory field (List of Inventory) within my Product data type and within Inventory only Quantity and Location fields?

Is that logic ? Is that the correct approach?

Thanks !

Why can’t you access your Product Datatype fields from your Inventory Datatype? (and where are you trying to access them?)

I want to: Do a Search for Product with constraint: Inventory quantity > 0.

Inventory contains a Product field, but I cannot use the product as a constraint within Inventory

Shouldn’t you be using: Do a Search for Inventory: quantity > 0: each item’s Product: unique elements?