Data Structure Linking

Hi All!

I had this working at one point but lost my work and now i’m missing something.

I am trying to link my Product Line to Inventory via Description (an attribute that is identical for both of them

The problem is I am getting an error when I go to constrain my Search For Product Line because Product Line’s Description is type Inventory but Inventorys Description is type text…


Am I linking these two types incorrectly?

Currently your ‘product Line’ is expecting you to store one or multiple 'inventory’s against it, and it would do this via the bubble unique ID. Description may in theory not be unique, and there is no reason to rely on it. What should be happening is when you add an inventory, you should have a field called product line and that should be set up as a ‘product line’ (one or multiple)

Then with your radio buttons you need is a step before this to specify which flavor you should be searching for, either with a preset search, or with a product lines flavor drop down passing a choice to the radio buttons via a custom state.

Then on the radio button it should be 'search for inventory product Lines = custom state, and the option line should be current options flavor.

There are a few issues here, so you might need to experiment slightly but something like that should work.

Thank you! I found the solution doing something similar to what you are discribing there but forgoing the custom states.