Relational Database Query

Hey Bubble Magicians!

I’m building a project related platform and would like a series of fields from DB type 1 (New project created with an incremented reference number) to relate to another DB type 2 (Another page’s series of elements relating to the project selected from DB type 1).
In summary, user clicks project required - next page loads with details relating to the project chosen.
My thought process here (please correct me if I’m wrong) is that I’ll need to incorporate the project reference number from DB type 1 within the DB type 2 workflow for when the user saves each section.
How do I then reference DB type 1’s project refence in DB type 2’s data and display any field from DB type 2 on the 2nd page?

In logical terms for what I’m trying to achieve - IF user selects project # 123, THEN display all fields from DB type 2 relating to # 123



Title (text)
Project details (project details)

Project details
Title (text)
Project (project)
Date (date)
Cost (number)
Location (geographic address)

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Thank you @cmarchan, that confirms the relationship part of the query but it’s the bubble method for obtaining the detail that’s related that I’m stuck with.
Would it be a constraint by any chance?


Page 1 - rg with projects
Page 2 - UI to display a chosen project details

User clicks on rg row on page 1 and is sent to see that project’s details on page 2

@cmarchan Understood - Thanks for your help again :+1:

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