Relational SQL data into Bubble

Sorry if this is redundant to another post but couldn’t find anything so far. Looking for help in how to think through this problem, I haven’t tried to bring in relational data through a Bubble API before. I have used API connections so know the basics.

I’m creating a job board and I have jobs and related companies that are stored in a SQL database. I know how to get the data from the two tables independently through the API connection but how do I get it in relationally? In other words maintain the relationship of the company to the job.

Another route I’m thinking of going is to bring the data into Bubble DB job and company tables through the API (backend WF) but then how do I create the relationships for the newly loaded data? Can I use a unique field to link them when I load them? The other issue is that many of the companies will stay the same so I don’t want to create duplicates, I want to link to the existing company.


Have you seen if the SQL Database Connector Plugin by Bubble would solve this for you? Just look it up under the plugins.

Yep, saw it - it’s super clumsy to use, according to the scant documentation you have to write queries in the pages and it’s not clear how you even do that. The forum and Youtube do not have a lot of info on using it and so it makes me think it’s an orphaned feature.