SQL and Bubble linked through 2 tables


I have a database to Bubble and somes tables and other database to MySQL. That work very good.
I have a table with customers to Bubble and other table to MySQL with agency, I need to do a link between customers and agency for a query. Exemple the numbers of customers for 1 agency.

Do you know if it’s possible ?

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I have this same issue.

I have 1 DB connected via the SQL plugin, and one internal Bubble DB. I’d love to link them (create a relationship between them) but I’m not sure how.

The internal Bubble DB has a field where the field type is the external SQL DB, but when I try to create an entry in the “App data” tool, it won’t let me (the field is not clickable). I also tried creating a page to add this data but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :grinning: