Relationships with Unique IDs

Hello, very new to Bubble, love it and hate it so far! I think i’ve nailed something but then I haven’t…

I am creating a financial services software with a table structure as follows:

Employment Info
----- etc

I have a Dashboard page with a button to create a new case which then takes you to a Client Info page as below:


I have created a workflow on the Cases page button, Step 1 Create a new Case and Adding the current User to the item.

Step 2. Navigate to my Clients page and send the created New Cases unique ID to the clients page

On the Clients Page i’ve got a Next button and the workflow here is add the fields to the table but i also want to add the ‘carried over’ Case ID and add it to the Case ID linked to the client. It seems to think it’s a list though (according to chat GPT - i don’t have a ‘=’ option

What am i doing wrong?

Any help will be appreciated!

The Case ID on the Client datatype must be set as a list.

If you don’t want it as a list, then you’ll need to delete it and replace it with a single field.