RELEASED - New Plugin - TomTom Search

I’ve released an alternative to the Google Places plugin - TomTom Search!

TomTom has recently partnered with Foursquare, so the database is rich with reviews, photos and information. Their tagging and search capability is also a lot more granular than Google’s.
If you haven’t implemented TomTom before, you’ll like that they’re around x37 less inexpensive than Google.

I couldn’t get the API Key whitelisted, so the demo isn’t running at the moment. If anyone knows how to hide it on the Bubble side, then I’ll put that back in :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you can hide an API key in the Bubble editor. You may just have to have the public-facing site only.

I didn’t think so. I threw it back in with hopes that the TomTom whitelist just tkes time to process.

Whitelisted domain: