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RELEASED - plugin JS Zip file generator

This is a Zip file generator. This will create a Zip file of a list of files using url.
You can set the file to be automatically downloaded by the user or not and also store it to Bubble (with Bubble file size limitation).
The Zip file is generated on client side. You can also choose compression method and level.

Pretty simple to use with One action : Create a Zip file, one Event (When zip file is ready) and 3 states( Zip file (file), progression (integer) and Current file (text) that tell you which file is processed).

Settings are:

  • File list url (list of text, so you can use image or file field)
  • File name for each file
    *Autoincrement. Will avoid issue with file having the same name.
  • Zip file name (you can choose the Zip file name or let the user choose it own with an input field)
  • Automatic download (Download will start automatically when zip file is 100% done. If you uncheck this, you should use the option to store in Bubble)
  • Compression (Store or Deflate)
  • Compression level (1-9, only apply if Deflate is selected)
  • Save file to Bubble (Will create a base64 encoded file available in Zip File state and trigger event * Zip file is ready. This is not linked to Current file and progression but will wait for the initial file to be ready before launching)



Here’s also a demo link:

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Nice and useful plugin. Nice work.


I’m looking for someone with a Box integration for testing. Anyone?

Released. Thanks to all tester. Waiting on approval…


Hi Jici. This Zip plugin appears to be exactly what I am looking for. Your last post says “Released.” However, I searched for but cannot locate the plugin in the list of Bubble plugins. Do you know when it will be available for download or purchase? Thanks.

Hi. Waiting on approval. Got an issue with the AWS server. Should be fixed.

On marketplace now

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@Jici Thanks for getting it in the marketplace. Unfortunately, I downloaded the plugin and started receiving an error message. I am using the Multi-File Uploader to load several PDF documents on page load. When I don’t remove any of the loaded files via “Remove File” and attempt generate a Zip file with a button I get the message below. Oddly, then I remove just one of the files, and the Zip process works. My intent is to just hide the multiloader for users as I want them to be able to download specific files so no need to for the user to remove any. I should note that all my test files are PDFs with the same name. I thought maybe that it was user error on my part as I learned how to setup the plugin, but by removing just one file and the Zip works made me think otherwise. Any ideas?

“The plugin JSZip / action Generate Zip file a JSZip threw the following error: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of null”