Remove duplicate records with same date - how to?

I am attempting to remove duplicate records from a data table. The field I need to match on is a date and even though the dates look the same visually, they are not exactly the same at the time level.

I’m using Delete a Thing - When Do a Search:count>1 with the search having a constraint Date=Things Date. Which is obviously deleting nothing because of the time differences.

I need to delete any records that have the same day, month and year. Time is irrelevant. Any suggestions as to how to go about this please?

Hi @patricia,

Add Filter (:filtered) and use like below,

Can you explain the extract 12, 7 and 12, please @manikandan ? I’ve used extract from date before but it is the 12, is 7 and is 12 have me flummoxed.

Before I run it I want to be certain I will be deleting the correct records.

So if I find multiple records with a date of, for example, 25 July 2018, then I delete all but one of them.


You can see there will extract year is 2018, Extract month is 7 and extract date is 25.

i have screen shot for testing.

Example: current date time:extract year, current data time: extract month like wise.

It is not the current date or any specific date that interests me. I am looking for any records in the DB whose date is the same. I want to delete all but one. Does that make sense?

Oh ok. got now.

Try to create new field on table with text type. and create new api workflow and update this field with “YYYY_MM_DD” and use this api workflow using bulk operation.

After successfully update, search the records and filter the created field count have more then 1.

I think this make sense?

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I think I’m understanding a little better. The 12, 7 ,12 is checking for a specific date so I need to compare each extracted section of the date with the same extracted section from all other records. If I was to say:

Delete Thing Only When Do a Search forThing: filtered

Advanced: Thing’s Date: extract month is Do a Search for Thing … but then I’m stuck because I can’t add the extract into the searches constraint and if I use filtered I’ve no idea how to refer to the first date.

That’s where I’m stuck.

Our Posts crossed. That revised suggestion makes perfect sense. Thank you.

All finished and perfectly correct @manikandan - thank you for fast responses.

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