Remove "-" in number input

How can I prevent users from typing “-“ in a number input?

When an input is a number type, they can type in any number and “. , -“ symbols. I want them to only type numbers only.

I tried the type “Text(numbers only)” but I need to use the number in the input for a computation i.e. “input value + 1”

I have never noticed that is possible. I just tested it and you are right. When selecting integer or decimal the user can type commas “,”, periods “.” and dashes “-”

This to me seems like a bug. Maybe post a bug report to bubble to get some clarification. I don’t understand why it would be set up like that.

I would use Extract with Regex.

Grab the digits only with \d

That way they don’t have to worry about inputting it right.

Actually it should be \d{10}

Assuming you want exactly 10 digits for area code and phone number.

Then you would create conditionals to validate their entry before accepting their input.

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