Remove Metadata for Twitter and Bubble image in HTML source code


I published an app on Bubble, but I see many references to Bubble in a “Twitter” meta when looking at the source code. Also, there’s an image link embedded in the source code.

I already cleaned up all the descriptions in the “Settings >> SEO metatags” section, checked in the pages - index, header, footer (which I’m not using), and there’s nothing on the referencing these tags or Twitter. I don’t have any plugins installed in this app as well, aside from the standard API plugin.

This is what I’m talking about:


Hey @barizon,

Did you check all your pages to make sure the title, description, and image was removed? Also, have you waited for the changes to update?

Hi Johnny,

Yes, I checked all the pages and nothing. I don’t have anything on the Settings/SEO Metatags…

However, I’m running on the “Agency” plan the app.

Perhaps I have to make the app on a paid plan to have the ability to change that?


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