Remove repeating values in RG

I have created a repeating group that captures recipes that a user has been sent. For instance, if Natalie sends Tom a recipe, it appears in the table (when logged in as Tom). The problem I am experiencing is when I assign/send multiple recipes one after the other, the repeating group duplicates entries into each line. The image below highlights this:

What I want to happen is to have one recipe/sender/date time on each line, reading as follows:

Natalie - Vanilla Cheesecake - October 10, 2020, 11.30
Natalie - Oreo Cake - Feb 2, 2020, 1010

Attached also the repeating group, element and scheduling data set:

Any help would be amazing! Many thanks!!

Can you share the editor link and give me only view access so I can check the workflows and reproduce your problem in my app?

Your RG structure isn’t correct. Also, applying a search within your text boxes in a repeating group is highly inefficient and will grind your app once your data volume increases.

Rather do this:
Create a top level RG for Created By.
Then add a second RG that uses the parent cell’s Created By and brings in the recipes from that Created By.

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Amazing, works great - new here so really appreciate the help and tips. Thanks!!

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Great to hear it worked out.

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