Specific data formated as a number

Please check the screen shot , i appreciate any support …Thanks in advance

i made some progress i guess but i still can’t achieve my goal , any advice , i will be thankful [ kindly check the screen shot ]

Hi @ciscotreasure - it’s kind of hard to determine based on the pictures, but here’s some thoughts:

  1. Your “Recipe Info” is looking at all “Food Resources”. But it appears you just want the counts coming from one of the repeating groups (RG) cells, correct?

  2. If Yes to #1, then you should have a button within the RG cell the user clicks. In the workflow, send (show) that Cell’s data to the Group that has “Recipe Info” (put the content below in a group so the workflow will send the RG cell’s data to the group)

Hope that makes sense. If not, it would be easier to have the app’s link shared.

Also - is your repeating group working? It looks like you deleted data fields in your database but didn’t update the text fields in your RG (I see the “-deleted” which is why i’m asking)


Hi nikolai , thanks a lot for your reply , actually it works fine when you are looking in 1 recipe , and it give me the correct number for each ingredients when i search in the repeating group , but what i am looking for is search in the whole recipe not only in repeating group because there are 2 kind of data , data when i click on the plus icon and when i click on create button ,if i search only in the repeating group it give the same result for all recipes because it search in all data that created after click on + icon without looking in the recipe title , but i want to search the ingredient related to different recipe ,each recipe should contain it it own ingredients … i shared this link where you can see the concept : https://mynewtest101.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true , honestly i don’t know how to share it with the editor if you want it too please tell me how i can share it with you

Hi @ciscotreasure - go the bubble editor for your app and copy/paste the url in this thread. You’ll also need to goto Settings ==> General and set “Application rights” to “Everyone can view” (refer to pic below)

Thanks Nikolai , this is the link : https://bubble.io/page?name=index&id=mynewtest101&tab=tabs-1

Hi @ciscotreasure - I looked at your app. It’s not clear how the data from the two pics below are supposed to be associated or “tied together”.

If you want the qty of ingredients from picture 2 to show up in picture 1, then you need to search for the Recipe that’s currently showing (right now the search looks at all Recipes). So you need a criteria (ie Recipe Title) in your search criteria)

Also - in picture 1, those are Input elements, but I think they should be Text elements?



Hi nikolai , the direction for above pictures is : imagine you want to create recipe called " pizza " ,with these steps ( step 1 : add water to the … , “select Ingredients” : " Water " ) click on the + icon , and you can add other steps with different Ingredients ,AND TO FINISH THIS RECIPE , CLICK ON " CREATE " Button After that try to create another recipe " NEW RECIPE " called it " burger " for example and repeat the same process ,and complete it by click on "Create "

  • What i want here is result in picture 1 : in this picture i want to display the number of ingredients in each recipe ,in my example , i want to display the number of ingredients in " pizza " recipe , and ingredients in "burger recipe "

Thanks @ciscotreasure - you’re Searches in picture1 is setup to provide you info on all Recipes in your database. So if we use your Pizza Recipe and Burger Recipe examples, picture 1 will show the count of all the Ingredients that are common to both Recipes (actually the current design will only show Water and Tomato).
If that’s not the behavior you want, then you need to put in criteria for your Search (I mentioned in earlier post), something like “Title = burger” or “Title = Pizza”. To achieve this, I suggest a dropdown with dynamic choices (Recipes) and in picture 1, put a RG to do a search of Recipe and show all the Ingredients. Hopefully I’m understanding how you want your app to behave. If there’s a third behavior you’re looking for, please let me know.

Also - for picture 1, why are those input elements and not text elements?

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Hi Nikolai , Thanks for your reply and support , actually yes your analysis is correct , it works fine with me no , i just add constraint in the search : title " recipe name " and bow it works fine with me

Thanks for your help

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