Remove slow loading fonts (Chrome Dev Tools)

I’m trying to improve my app load time, and noticed that I have some fonts taking time to load in Chrome Dev Tools. See screenshot:

Dev tools shows loading of 4 fonts: Lato, Roboto, Sniglet, and Patrick Hand. I have used all 4 in the past, however now I only use Arial and Sniglet. So Lato, Roboto, and Patrick Hand shouldn’t have to load. This seems to add about 1 second to load times, on every page.

I’ve gone through the app to see if I am still using these fonts anywhere, and it doesn’t look like it. I’ve also made sure that none of my saved styles use these 3 fonts. It’s possible that I added some custom JS or CSS a long time ago to load these fonts, but I’ve looked and have not found any evidence of that either.

Anyone know how I can stop my app from loading these fonts?


Have you tried this:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks for the suggestion @J805 . I’ve tried that already and it didn’t help.

Have you checked the 404 page, the password reset page, the header, and the bubble default login/signup? I always forget to check those places.

Also good suggestions. I’ve checked those as well.

I don’t think the fonts are actually being used anywhere in the app. Is there some other way I could be accidentally loading them in?

I’m not sure, I wish there was a way to search for fonts used in the application but I just checked and it doesn’t look like the feature is available. Maybe submit a feature request to Bubble.

If I have any other ideas on where to check I will let you know. :blush:

Thanks. I’ve submitted a bug report as well to see if Bubble team knows why these old fonts are still loading.

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This is a small shortcoming but you can find all you need using the Export application button.

Once you have exported to a text file just open in a good text editor and search for the font causing the issues and you will most likely see the block or item thats using it. It maybe a bit quirky to locate but its the only way I have found to track down a rogue font & much more.


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