Is it possible to completely get rid of Lato font?

So I went through every single style and changed the font to Open Sans from Lato.

Checked to be sure there are no elements anywhere in my app that use Lato. Also do not have the bubble banner so that’s not it. Also checked all the reusable elements.

Yet every refresh Lato is still installed:

(from the network console)


Is there any way to get rid of Lato? why does bubble need it? Sometimes fonts do slow the initial load, so I’d prefer that it just depended on one font rather than two…

Can you create a empty app, and maybe confirmed the same behavior? Some plugins (even not used) maybe load it? And you right, lighter is better :slight_smile:

It took about half an hour! all those styles…so I really don’t want to do it again!

Didn’t think about plugins, only have JS to Bubble and CSS Tools. In safe mode, Lato still loads.

However, it did get rid of one low-hanging fruit, Kalam font, is only used in “Text - Handwritten Text” style. Kalam was the one that originally caught my attention. Then I tried for Lato

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