Remove spaces between words

Does anybody know how to remove spaces between two words and make it one word?

Create a new text element element:

new word = word1+word2

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Thanks for the reply. What I forgot to mention.
It’s got to be in an input. I have to create “Company Name” (in one input element) and save it as “companyname” to be used as “@companyname”. The same as with user names. My client wants it specifically like this.

@emmanuel @georgeciobanu any ideas from the gurus?

Try Blockspring Text Utilities


Will do, thanks

When saving use the :find& replace expression:

Company name = input´s value:find&replace.

That will open a dialog where you need to check ‘use a regex pattern’.

In the regex pattern field write: \s
In the ‘replace by’ field don´t write anything

That will find and eliminate any white space (\s).

On the other hand, if you want to replace the white space by ‘-’, just put the ‘-’ into the ‘replace by’ field.
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