Removing spaces

I’m having the user enter an event name (text). I am looking create a shareable link using the event name as a url parameter.
It all works well until the event name is one word. But when it is 2 words (or a space at the end of first word thanks to autocorrect) the url parameter isn’t working.

How do I take a user input text and remove spaces from it ? Alternative how do I have the webpage identify a url parameter that contains a blank space

Can you show us what you do with a screenshot or the forum app? When building the URL, the value should be URL-formatted. What doesn’t work?

We are having the same problem. We really need some help.

Did you get a solution to this?

Nope no solution


So what’s the answer to this?

We pass data to custom code and manipulate it that way and then pass it back into the database via the API.

I’m pretty sure you do this on the page with javascript as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are other solutions too.

There’s a URL encode for text. If spaces needs to be converted back to spaces again, don’t pick the option that turns spaces into plus symbols.

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