Remove white space in Radio Buttons

Has anyone had success removing whitespace or removing horizontal padding between Radio Button options? I can’t imagine there isn’t a way to condense these options without making the element fixed width but I haven’t been able to figure this one out.

*note hat when using static options it appears the white space is much less. I’m wondering if I can remove white space while using dynamic options


I would suggest making your own with icons. You can make a far better design using icons and conditional statements than trying to use the radio buttons.

Okay thanks! I’ll give this a shot.

@troy.roberge Which Icon would you use? Is there one that you can set “selected” and “un selected” ?

You need to have one for unchecked, then one for checked. And then make each one visible or not with a condition.

Such as this.

There are many icons, use any that make sense.

Perfect. Thank you VERY much!

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