Removing the banner is against Bubble terms and can lead to your account termination


Already sent a message to bubble support team, but since its Sunday… I figured I ask here too. Yes, there is 2 topics with the same issue on this forum, but couldn’t get solution from any.

Problem: Started new project, did control + A, deleted everything, including header and footer. (for faster loading, I thought)) Made entire app. tested in my mobile, ok. Open in any other mobile or computer, get this pop up:

“This app is a free plan and should have a Bubble banner. Please upgrade to remove this banner. Removing the banner is against Bubble terms and can lead to your account termination.”

Note: the banner IS showing just fine. But still get error.

Question: How I solve this?
There is a visual element “built on bubble”, triend putting that all over the place, nothing.

(a place like reddit but for voting on features you want in software/games/school/etc)

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Your link isn’t working.

have no idea what’s wrong :confused:

your url doesn’t have www.

and I don’t see any error

For some reason, it seems to not show on IP addresses that uses the bubble editor, or something like that. Also, Opera Mini seems to block the pop up.

For you devs: why is this so badly implemented? 1. if the banner is obligatory, why it can be deleted by mistake. 2. the banner is still showing anyways, so its a bug. 3. “account termination” not the nicest way to deal with your customers.

  1. This is not just deleted. You can also override it by adding CSS to cheat on that. You don’t delete it really. And this is not a mistake most of the time…
  2. It’s a bug I agree. Did you try on another browser? On Chrome I don’t see any warning.
  3. Account termination is normally what you can expect if you don’t follow terms. I think it’s the only way to deal with that and what most service provider will also do. Bubble is not different. But don’t forget… can lead to… This is in worst case.
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  1. I’m a total noob on CSS, don’t even know where I change that.

  2. Screenshot above is on Chrome|Android. Sent link to a group of brazilian bubblers, no one reported the pop up. Doesn’t show on my phone or desktop. It always shows on friends phones (not devs).

  3. I’m actually a paying customer on another app.
    Does not make sense paying in development phase, I almost don’t use any traffic. Or micro-charge me for the low traffic I use, this is just boring.


eu resolvi esse problema instalando o plugin CSS TOOLS, basta colocar ele na página em qualquer lugar, não sei se é o correto, mas resolvel esse “BUG”.

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Olá, aparentemente é um bug relacionado aos navegadores com “tradução automática” instalada.

English: Apparently this bug has something to do with browsers with automatic translation. Thats why I sent an email to bubble and they said:

“Thanks for checking in! I’ve gone ahead and tested this on my mobile device (Moto Z3, Android OS, Chrome browser) and am not able to reproduce the error popup. Do you have any plugins installed on your browser? It is possible that one of them is interfering with the functionality of the banner. I would also suggest that you clear out your browser’s cache and cookies, if you haven’t already, to see if that resolves the issue.”

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