Bubble Banner Requirement

A couple of users seem to be getting the following error:

“This app is a free plan and should have a Bubble banner. Please upgrade to remove this banner. Removing or altering this banner in any way is against Bubble terms and can lead to your account termination.” I’ve attached the image to show that the banner is visible on the user’s side.

I am currently using the free plan of bubble, and I have tried putting a banner on manually with the “Built on Bubble” element which didn’t seem to help. The user is using google chrome and stated that they tried turning off all extensions and scripts and the result stays the same. They tried using other browsers and it still didn’t work. They also stated that it seems to work only in incognito mode.

Here is a link to my (WIP) app:


It doesn’t seem to be display that for me, but I recommend filing a bug report.

Chrome iOS didn’t cause any issues for me. Sounds like an adblock consequence though


I am also having this problem on MAC

Do you have an ad blocker on?

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