Rename file after upload

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is there any way to rename the file natively after upload?

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R. Lima.

Not really. Sometimes Bubble will have a function available to set a file name when you use :saved to s3. But when you use Bubble native file uploader, it won’t work if I remember and you will need to delete the original file.

I’ve created a plugin that allow you to get the original file and rename it. This use Bubble File API to reupload the renamed file. You need to delete the original one after.

But what you can do, is to use a new DB with a field for file and another one for name and set the name in this field instead. You can use it to display after

Hi, @Jici thanks for the fast response.

Could you share the name of the plugin and how to use it? There is an example?

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Rafael de Lima.

Hey @rafael.alima

My plugin, it’s called Better Uploader

It can rename files right before sending them to the server :slight_smile: It can’t retroactively look into your database and rename files, but it lets you control file names before they are saved.

Hope it helps!

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Good idea too @jonah.deleseleuc .

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Interesting! Really cool

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