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Rename files uploaded for downloading action

Hello all !
I have an app in which user can upload a file (resume) - i’m using the classic file uploader.
Then, on the admin back office, administrator can download a .zip with all the resumes linked to an offer (i’m using the jszip plug in).
Thing is, when i download files, i have special %20 symbols and what i’m trying to achieve is to rename the name of the file with the name of the applicant.
I tried to use on the worflow "saving to S3 " with the input. BUt it does not work.
Do you have any idea how i can achieve this ?


If you click into the ':saved to s3’operator, you may see the option for “New file name.” This feature allows you to rename files before they are uploaded. It’s for the case where you are generating a file, say from an external API, and then saving it to your Bubble app. If the file you are looking to rename has already been saved to S3, this will not update the name. In your case, the file has already been uploaded, so this is why the option is not working on the workflow you’re using to download the files. You might try adding a workflow using this option to rename the files before they are uploaded. Hope this explanation helps!

Thanks i’ll check -
as for now, i’m trying with the wasabi plug in :wink:

Hello and thanks again for the explanation
i’m using the file uploader input
i’m trying to figure out how to add a workflow before the file is uploaded … do you have any idea to share ? thanks !

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