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Repeat Group Refreshing

I am trying to figure out how to refresh a repeat group. I’ve read a few of the other post but couldn’t quite find an answer. Here is what I am trying to do. I have two repeat groups

1.) Open Orders
2.) Claimed Orders

Once a user clicks the “Claim Order Button” I want the order to disappear from the repeat group and populate the Claimed Order repeat group

You will need to create a new workflow on button click for Element Actions -> Group -> Display Data

Send the new search query to the repeating group of a certain type of data (orders in your case).

This should force a refresh of the repeating group.

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In many of my apps I do something quite different though:

I have a custom state set on the repeating group. ie: “Active Data Type” which is just a text string.

I then have conditional statements on the repeating group that say "if the repeating group’s custom state Active Data Type = ‘open’ then data = ‘insert new search query searching for open orders’, same for closed orders.

Edit: adding more info

You then can create a workflow on button click that sets the new custom state. Element Actions -> All Elements -> Set State

This state is a text string, ie ‘Open’, if the open orders button was clicked.

By setting the data source to be a dynamic if/then variable you can swap out and sort data in a repeater pretty easily.


Thanks! Works perfectly

hey @philip

I have a similar case and was hoping to see if you have any other suggestions. Creating a custom state as you’ve suggested here wont work in my case.

In my case an Order is placed via a mobile app and I need the order to instantly appear in a repeating group of Open Orders which is opened on a screen on a tablet. At times it is taking up to 10mins for the Order to appear in the Open Orders queue.

How can I force a repeating group refresh when an order is placed so that it instantly appears on the queue?

Have you tried setting up a “Do when condition is true” workflow?

I haven’t tried that, but I’m struggling to figure out the condition statement.

You might check out this thread. Similar concept except the method used to add the record is different, but the “do when condition is true” to create a popup or in your case, refresh RG data would be similar.

thanks @andrew this is helpful… i’ll give this a try.

thanks @andrew - worked perfectly!