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Refreshing Repeating Group

Please, please, please make it easy to refresh a repeating group when data is changed. This blows my mind that it is such a difficult task. Can you just make a “refresh repeating group” an action in the workflow?

I add “current user” to a list of “usersWhoCompleted” and it should disappear from one list and be added to another list on the same page but instead it disappears from the first list and doesn’t appear in the second list unless I refresh the page.

This should be an easy thing to accomplish with all that Bubble can do. I just don’t get why it doesn’t work and there is no easy way to make it work. I’ve spent half the day doing what other Bubblers suggest with custom states or displaying lists but none of them work consistently. Arggghhhhh!


~ Andy

Repeating groups update data in real time, so there has to be an issue with your implementation. Can you share a test page with the community so that others can help?

Do you have any screenshots?

Here are the screenshots of the problem. The only thing that is being changed is the “usersWhoCompleted” throughout the workflows and repeating groups. Simply adding or removing the current user from that list.

Just posted screenshots. Thanks for taking a look!

~ Andy

Looks like there are lots of other people having the same problem and repeating groups aren’t updating in real time when its a list that is changed in the data. I haven’t had any problems when the change is a yes/no, text change, or elsewhere. Only when I add an item to a list of things that is supposed to then filter where I am having the problems.

Thanks for looking!

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Having the same issue, RG refresh not consistent, after changes in items qualified for criteria of an RG group filter, and the like

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Can confirm my RG does live refresh when data changes. But, when I add a privacy rule that restricts users so that they can only view “Threads” in the RG they are participating in (print screen below), the RG stops live refreshing.

Edit: I’ve found a workaround. If my privacy rule doesn’t involve lists, my RG live refreshes successfully :slight_smile:

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Thanks for starting this thread!

And @sherman, I think I am experiencing a similar issue. I have a repeating group showing global transactions, like a Venmo feed.

I have it filtered to only show the transactions whose “global visibility” is set to yes (a privacy rule). But the strangest thing happens. When a user clicks to “like” the transaction (adding user to “liked list” for that particular transaction), it makes the transaction disappear from the repeating group. Almost like the action of adding to a list of a thing, flash resets it’s discoverability in the RG’s filter.

However, if I eliminate the filter and just do a search for all transactions, the likes function fine and no transactions disappear from the repeating group. It’s so weird.

Has anyone encountered this like I am. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a way to resolve this?

I have a similar issue. My RGs are refreshing automatically when they pull data from an external API and the parameter is dynamically pulled from a text field in the ‘current user’.

However once I pull a ‘current user’s list’ into the RG, the RG does not update automatically when I update the list in the current user. I have to refresh or click my update button twice before it updates.

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I do have a repeating group with a grouping. The refresh takes easily 5 seconds every time. But the lag is not on database so a solution like this wont work :

Repeating group still don’t update data in real time unless you refresh the page.