Repeated calculations

Hi Everyone, I’m making a good progress in Bubble, but some things aren’t so clear to me.

Now am creating an App, that when a user signs Up, we get a created date. I want to create some basic analytics where a certain input by the user during sign up is automatically increased by a certain percentage after every Seven days and show on the user’s profile. Any help on how to achieve that?

Your help is much appreciated.


Hey there. :wave:

There are a few ways to do this. Personally, I would probably just do a backend workflow and schedule the API Endpoint to run in seven days, changing the percent and then schedule to run itself in another 7 days till it reaches the max %.

Another idea is to just display it to the user using conditionals on a text element. If creation date is more than 7 days old show this text. Then put as many conditions as you need till the last one.

Hope that gives you some ideas of how you can do this. At least a few directions you can go in.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thank you very much. This really helped.

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Glad that helped! :blush:

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