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Creating Automatically entries

Hello everyone,

I’ve posted yesterday a new topic thanks for everyone who helped me, Actually I loved bubble because of the huge support from users :slight_smile:

I have another little problem I wanna create something automatically every 3 months arround 300 entries!

Waiting for your help!

Any suggestions ? please it’s very impotant for me!!

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, or what you’re having trouble with…

But to create things every 3 months you can use a backend workflow, scheduled to run every three months.

Depending on exactly what you’re trying to do, you’ll probably want to run it recursively until all your 300 things have been created then, once they have been created, schedule the workflow to run again in 3 months from the current date/time.

Thanks for your answer!
I have 3 Data Types
User, Event, Quarter.
Event have The User and Also the Quarter types.
All I want is to create new Date for Quarter ( Every Quarter ) Then Create List of Events which event have the user and the created Quarter!
And Finally Merry Christmas!

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