Repeating group add row for current user

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Can someone please advise how I can achieve the following please, I am ‘nearly’ there, but one key point missing.

The attached page is working and achieves exactly what I want in terms of functionality. If you go to the ‘Add rows’ link it does what I want add adds a row!

The problem I have is that I want the data shown to be for the current user, so I go to the repeating group and set the following.

This achieves what I want in terms of security but…the ‘Add rows’ link now doesn’t work. Running in debug mode doesn’t show anything wrong. Does anyone know how I can achieve both the functionality and the ‘Current user’ requirement please for these repeating groups? The links are just for a test app so feel free to edit directly.

All help very much appreciated.


App link:

Editor link:

Does anyone know if what I’m asking is achievable? I’ve looked at every which way I can but can’t get both the ‘Add row’ and the ‘Current user’ requirement to work together, both are fundamental requirements for my application.

Would very much appreciate some assistance if possible please


Can anyone advise please? I am at a complete standstill and have no way of getting support other than this forum. I would like to know if it’s possible to allow a user to add a row AND for the repeating group to be set for current user as per the links and examples above.



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Yes, it will certainly be possible. Will have a look for you.

@john6 When the user clicks the ‘Add row’ button, you’re creating a new ‘Repeating Group’ thing, but you need to change this thing’s ‘User’ field to Current User.


Thanks for looking but that’s where the issue is. When I change to current user the add row button doesn’t work any more.


Thanks, all help very much appreciated, I was sure it should be possible but I have been going round in circles trying to get to the bottom of it.

So it is a little confusing, but there is a difference bettween the way “User” works when you are not logged on.

Change your search to “Created By” and it works.

The user field is not getting set, however the “created by” is being set in the background.


Thank you very much for this. I think your first sentence is where I was getting confused ‘when you are not logged in.’ I always (wrongly) assumed that when previewing an app it would be logged in as a user of some kind. Subsequent testing shows that this was working as it was originally, it’s also very helpful what you showed regarding the ‘Created by’. Thanks again.


Yes, there is a “Current User” which Bubble stores on a cookie even if you are not logged in, so you can sort of pass stuff around in the current user and it works nicely. It even copies it over when you sign-up for real.

But you can’t do much else with it. So you can’t list of “sort of users” or anything like that.

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