Display data specific to user for repeating group

Hi All,

I’m looking for some help with what I’m sure for many will be a very simple answer.

Using the links below, you first go to a page where the user is asked to fill in certain information (basically some costs by Test1, Test2 and Test3).

When you hit the ‘save and continue’ button you then get taken to another page where some of this information is displayed.

The thing I cannot fathom is how to make the information in the repeating group be for the ‘Current User’ only. I can do this easily enough for standard input fields such as the ‘Total’ at the bottom but I cannot work out how to do this for repeating groups - I’ve tried adding things, adding ‘current user’ on the display fields etc but nothing seems to work. Can someone help me if possible please?

The links below are just to test pages so there is no problem if you want to update them directly.

Thank you very much

First page editor

Second page editor


Hi John.

You need to save the Current User into your Repeating Group object in the Database - I can see you have created a field for it but aren’t yet populating it. You can easily add a step into your When RG1's values is changed workflow to update the ‘Repeating Group’ Thing (you might consider renaming this btw to avoid confusion between your front-end elements and your database). So, something like the below:

You then just need to add a condition to your Repeating Group (element) search on your display page:

This should do it…
P.S. after seeing your App today I would setup your Repeating Group on your display page as above (with Search for... as the Data Source), and then in your Inputs have them set as below. It’s the same outcome but the less Searches you can use the better your App will perform:

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Thank you very much for your advice. Despite your clear instructions I am still struggling in that the ‘User’ field in the database isn’t being populated. I was assuming it would be as a result of completing the above steps, is that not correct?


Make sure you are using your app with a user logged in. To do this, head to Users in your database and hit Run as ->. This will default you to your Index page, so you’ll need to add ‘Investments’ to the URL before the ?


Thank you very much, that is working as expected and doing what I need it to do.

Much appreciated