Repeating Group Add

I’m currently trying to add a ‘Plus’ icon at the bottom of a repeating group so the user can add additional data entries. However, I’d like to have the icon show below the last ‘not empty’ item.

I want to do this so that there isn’t a big gap at the bottom of the repeating group. I’d also like to add an input box in the next one down as well.

Is there any easy way to do this or is it going to be complicated?

Bumping this as I’m looking for a way to expand the repeating group when an item is added as well.

I’ve been mucking about with collapsing/hiding groups and border style conditionals but haven’t found a solution. Any ideas out there?

make a group element on page…put the R.G. into the group…leave some space at the bottom for your icon for the plus portion and put the icon into the group.

Your R.G. should be initially created with one cell, this way you place the icon under the one cell and every time something gets added, the cells push the icon down.

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Also using “spacers” ( groups with no background set - invisible ) that have the setting “collapse height when hidden” is very useful for getting spacing just right. I use them a lot to keep things looking uniform when having other elements that are hidden until a selection is made.

invisible groups are also helpful with responsive design…seems strange that a blank group would help keep things looking as desired, but it is what it is.


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That was just way too easy! haha… thanks!

Yeah collapsing hidden groups are fantastic. I’ve been able to get some great
animated features on events by using them.

Quick add for clarification, if someone finds this thread in the future.
The repeating group needs to have Layout style set to Ext. vertical scrolling
for this to work.

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By the way

You can also use “full list” which is what I do when a user is creating as many items as they would like…play around with the different settings to see the different behavior…I’m not sure if there would be one between full list of ext. vertical scroll as the list gets larger, but in some cases I’ve found full list is easier to work with for me.