Footer on repeating group?

Hey all,

Does anyone know how to add a footer to the end of a repeating group? I only want to see it when the user is at the end of the repeating group.

Pic shows what I have now.

Hi there,

One way I’d try approaching this - put the footer in your RG, but set to Not Visible, and Collapse When Not Visible. Have a condition that when Current Cell Index is Repeating Group’s List Of Things:Count (implying it’s the last item), This Is Visible.

Thanks for your input. Wouldn’t it still be repeating in each cell if I put it in the RG?

Not if you set it it to not be visible on page load:

This, along with the ‘Collapse when hidden’ is what prevents it from loading in every cell, and taking up any space when hidden.

Actually, I just figured it out. I kept it on the main groups cell and it follows the repeating group as necessary.

Thanks for your help.

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