Repeating Group and Calculations many records

I have some questions about types with very much records:

  • If I display all of them in a repeating group, only the first 100 will be shown, am i right?
  • If then only the first 100 are shown, will the page and repeating group will load slower if the number of records grows extremely?
  • If I do a calculation (sum of a field) of all records, are then also only the first 100 or all records calculated?

Thanks in advance,

Re 1: You can control the number of records displayed using the “rows” field in the RG.
Re 2: No, that is part of the reason to limit the rows.
Re 3: No, you would calculate off the data type, not the RG.

ok, thank you very much. Just to be sure that I have understood you right, all the records would be included in a calculation of „do a search for all“, right?

exactly, you can do that directly into a text field, or use an expression.