Trying to create new Data

Hi , I want to create “Food Recipe” Contain [ Title ,Image OR Video ,Ingredients/Quantity “List” , Using Repeating group ] for each 1 recipe at the end of fields i add “Create” , My Question is how i can handle the repeating group ,Please check the screen shot

One way of doing it:
-Have a Recipe data type and Ingredient data type.
-Create the Recipe first (title, image, video).
-Create Ingredient (name, quantity) one at a time and “Make changes to a Recipe” as part of that workflow, adding the Ingredient to the List Of Ingredients on the Recipe data type.

Thanks Philnauta for the reply , BUT in this case every time i press on the + icon i will create new ingredient Data , but it should all the ingredients under the same recipe represent 1 single Ingredient Data 2- In the work flow when i click on "Create "Button which Data i need to make the changes to it ? is it "Result of step 1 [ Create the recipe ] ? Please advice

Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to do here. I’m confused by your explanation.

HI Philnauta , sorry for the delay reply , but i was facing some login issue with bubble … i meant if i make the work flow work (when i click on + icon ) works like this : "Create NEW DATA : new ingredient ,new Quantity " in this case every time i click on the + icon i will create new data ,but all the Ingredients & Quantity are for the same recipe ,for example : [past “Recipe Title” = Tomoato /3Q+ cheese/ 1Q +Basel /3Q…etc (Ingredients/Quantity ) and all these Ingrediants/Quantity should display in 1 Data row

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