Repeating Group Calculation Help?

I’ve tried a bunch of stuff and I’m not having any luck, either. This is the point where I would try a bit more, get frustrated, rage quit, eat half a pizza, take a nap, come back and try one more thing and have it work immediately, of course! :slight_smile:

It’s really odd that it is working on the second column but not the first. I’ll keep messing around with it on this end.

Ug… I think I might have had it before but didn’t know because of my data. Try using rounded to after format as hours when you are doing the calculation in the workflow.

@mikelo Nope, I assume rounded to has to be done on numbers and the formatted is text. :man_shrugging:

All the best,

This is working for me…


This is absurd. I found the reason why it wouldn’t work. I was going to make a video showing how it was still not working, but right as I was making it, I noticed the issue. I was subtracting date picker 1 from itself and it was not doing a calculation. HAHA I am so thankful for your help Mike. I appreciate everything!!! I would say, let me know if there is anything I can do for you, but I doubt you need anything, haha!

My pleasure, Benjamin, and we all need help at some point, my friend. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your product!



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