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Sum in repeating group without data


I’m french and I’m not fluent (clearly…)
I search in this forum a solution but I don’t find this.
So I decide to askyou another solution.
I make a RG which resume many data and use this data to generate anothers informations. In my page : no workflow, just information.

In this RG I calcul a salary for each “couple” i have in my database. Each couple is a thing and is connect to another thing : plannings (I use to calcul works time) , and contrats (with the tarif). With this informations I can calcul a salary for each couple. But I want the sum of all salary and after many hours searching I havn’t no more ideas…

Thanks for help.

Calculate the SUMProduct. Like this

Thanks a lot for answer :wink:but I think I cant’ make this because types of content in my RG are not the sames…tarif is contrats things, hours are plannings things, and couple are couples things…In my RG my List is List of couple but I can’t have list of hours et list of tarif…


Then why don’t you fist calculate the salary and then sum of all the salary?

It’s what I try to make…but. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I’m not so good in Bubble to make this…

this is ma database organisation…perhaps can help to understand…

One option is to use the plugin BDK repeating group tools.

The other is to save your interim calculations back to the database on a change to an input using a workflow.

If you are showing salary in repeating groups. then put the calculation like “Sum of Repeating groups’s value”

Thanks Robert. It’s what I thinked…

Ankur; I don’t know who to make that, because, Inputs in RG aren’t visible out of RG!

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