Repeating Group Cell index not updating?

Hi fellow Bubblers,

I am so very close to being able to launch an MVP but am just struggling with a Repeating Group. I have a normal list of Things that get shown in a group within the RG. I have another set of things (Ads) that are within another Group, inside the RG.

The idea is to show the Ads in cells 2, 6, 10… So I need to show the Ad group in those cells. I think I can use the ‘Current Cell’s index is 2’ but when I run the app, it looks like the RG’s index is stuck at 1? I can scroll through it and the normal list of things shows up - but when I’m on the second thing, the Normal group should be hidden and the Ad Group should show.

So it looks like the RG’s index isn’t changing beyond 1. Anyone know of any fixes?

I’m using a Horizontal RG, would that make any difference?

Thanks for your help!

Hey @mccjon

Hard to say without seeing any screenshots or the editor but what you describe can work. Make sure the ad group is actually within the repeating group–it’s easy to accidentally move groups outside of the rg.

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Hi @mccjon, I have a method of doing it but it is not ideal as you would need to set a conditional for each ad. I’m sure there is probably a better way of doing it by using a simple algorithm to get every 4th cell (will let you know if I figure it out).

Here is what I have so far, it’s a bit messy and the data makes no sense but I think the logic is there.

Hope it helps.

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You can use modulo to act on every forth cell. The condition is met If cell index modulo 4 is 0


I thought modulo was only for detecting even or odd numbers. I didn’t know you can use it for that, very clever! Thank you.


Thanks so much @mebeingken and @leonidas.petrou4 for your help!

I think I’ll give Modulo a go and the Group is definitely within the RG. I was mistaken though, the RG is set as ‘Fixed number of cells’. I put a Text element on another (Ext Vertical Scroll) RG and it could read the Index correctly (ie Cell 1 showed ‘1’, Cell 2 showed ‘2’).

So it looks like ‘Fixed number of cells’ RGs can’t show the Cell’s index as I thought it could - it’s always stuck at one (maybe it reflects the number of rows? But you obviously see the next cell when you Scroll Next?). @emmanuel, would there be any way of implementing a change to accommodate this, to show the Cell number in a ‘Fixed number of Cells’ RG?

Thanks again guys!