Access To Current Cell Index In Repeating Group

Hi Bubblers,

Thanks for welcoming me to Bubble. I have decided to use Bubble for my next project and I am already well underway. I have been digging thru documentation and soaking up as many video tutorials and forum posts as I can, so that most of my questions have already been answered along the way with a simple search. This is very encouraging!

Here is the first little thing that I can’t quite get and can’t find an answer for. Thanks in advance for your help.

So I am getting a little confused on where I can access the current cell index within a repeating group. I have a Repeating Group => and within that I have a Shape to color the background and I have draggable elements setup so, I have a Drop Area and a Drag/Drop inside that, then I have a couple Text Elements inside that to display the Thing Data.

The Shape has a condition on it to change the background color based on Cell Index. One of the Text Elements shows the Current Cell Index. So I can access Cell index in those two instances.

However, I’d also like to have a conditional on the Text that displays Cell Index, but that is not available to me under conditionals. The only thing I can think of that may correspond to this behavior is that I noticed that when assigning the data source. For the Drop Area, I was able to assign the data source as “Current Cell Thing” but on the Drag/Drop, that wasn’t available. Instead it is assigned as “Parent Group’s Thing.” I’m not really sure if these two are related.

So my question is, what are the rules that define when and were Current Cell Index can be accessed in a conditional? I’m sure this question have deeper implications as well, but that’s what my app needs at the moment.

I can try to build a public example app if that would be helpful, but thought that maybe these things were defined somewhere already that I just couldn’t locate.

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Hi Ian,

You might want to just create a group within the rg cell, and assign the cell index to it. Then you will be able to reference the group from your text element. Unless you are doing something special with that shape, you could probably just fill the group with the color you want and delete the shape. This way your group can serve as the background, and also the place you hold the cell index.

Here’s the group:

And a text element buried within your drag/drop:

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Thanks! I’ll give it a try right now.

@mebeingken This works! But you knew that. ; )

I guess I was thinking that Shape was a “simpler” element than Group and chose it for that reason since I didn’t actually need to group anything.
Thanks again.

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Glad it worked for you!

Groups end up being very useful in Bubble, not the least of which is dealing with responsiveness. I don’t think I’ve ever used a shape. :slight_smile:

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