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Repeating Group Conditional Formatting

is it possible to change the background color of each row in a repeating group based on the values of the current rows element? For example if the content is users and if a user is logged in, the background color should be green, otherwise grey.


Hi Pascal, I had a very similar problem to yours that I solved.
First, you should create a Yes/no value in the data tab.
Then you should set the conditional formatting of the element to something like this Current cells users member is yes
And then select that the colour should be changed. Feel free to ask more if you didn’t understand and if I helped please like the reply :wink:

Good luck !

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thanks for the response! To change the background color of the complete row, I then need to create a group or shape that covers the complete cell (and send it to back)?

The background of the cell should be a shape (element).
So yes you should draw a box in the cell that you will send to back and that box will act as a background.

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