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[SOLVED] Change color on Repeating Group Current Cell when hovered

I want to change the color of the current hovered cell in a Repeating Group. Currently the only option is to change the color of the whole Repeating Group, not the individual cell.

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put a group or a shape in the background in the first cell with the conditional to change that element when hovered.

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The problem with that is it also overlays the text, so it doesn’t look as good as being able to set the cell’s background color.

I don’t understand what you mean by “overlays the text”… Just drag the text inside of the new group, or right click and send the shape to the back.

Sometimes I’m dumb. :slight_smile: Will try that tomorrow.


Thanks! I had a tranperent button on top of the repeating group also and needed to have a condition on hover of the button, not the repeating group, to display the color.