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Repeating Group - Conditional Layout Styles

I’m pretty sure this has already been requested as a feature idea, but this would be awesome to have access to the ‘Layout style’ and child options in the conditional when statements…


One day…Cheers


As those are not dynamic values, what would be the benefit or use case?

Use case would be purely for display purposes but for instance using a data type like ‘Messages’ you could initially set the Layout style to ‘Full list’ and then set a condition ‘When messages count > 10’ change the layout to vertical scrolling layout, it would create a tidier interface reducing the height (if collapse is enabled) and removing the scrollbar. It could then even work in conjunction to enable with pagination once the count is over x value.
With that said I could see a flaw with regards to not being able to change the ‘Height’ value within the condition as usually changing the ‘Rows’ would therefore require changes to the ‘Height’.

Ok I misunderstood you there, I thought you wanted to use them only in the “when…” statement as condition and not change the actual value based on a condition - which indeed could be useful. :slight_smile:

Ah I see what you mean.
With the conditional statement it could also offer more control when changing the ‘Data source’ of a repeating group or even allow between viewing the full results of a RG or having a ‘Load more’ all in one RG condition…

I’m also interested by this feature. Did anyone find a workaround for their “show more” button when displaying a list ?

Same here I’m looking at a workaround