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Repeating Group Constraints - OR?

Hey, Gang - I have a repeating group, and I need it to show an item if any one of three different constraints occurs. If I put all three as individual constraints, then all three constraints must be true to show the item. How can I create an or group of constraints so that if any one of the three is true it will show the item?

I’m sure this is easy, but I’m missing something. Thanks!

Are you using the Conditional tab on the element? If so, just do a different condition for each. Example below.

I think the element has to be on all the time. It contains the group list of dozens of items. I only want items listed that meet one or more of the constraints.

It’s an inventory ordering list.

It shows a list of our items and how much of each to order.
We have three stores and all three’s reorder qty is listed in each item’s cell.
If a store’s current inventory < that store’s minimum quantity I’d like for that item to show up in the list.

Ok so these are going in the search part? Maybe try the “merged with”. You basically do Search for X “merged with” search for Y. You can combine multiple “merged with”.

Thanks for helping. Search for X merged with Search for Y, etc- all in one constraint?

Your data source will be something like: Search for A (constraints:1) merged with Search for B (constraints: 2) merged with Search for C (constraints: 3).

The constraints will be set in each search.

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Thanks, that solves my initial problem but now I have a new issue that I can’t figure out.

I have a repeating group. Each item in this group has a store minimum and a store current inventory.
I want to create a search for items where:
store minimum < store current

I want to merge three searches where store min < store current the item is listed.

I cannot find the necessary selection when building the search.

The type is “catalog item”
I see “{store name} minimum inventory” listed as a choice for the first half of the constraint.
I select it and then select “<”

Here’s where I cannot find the other half of the store’s inventory. I’d expect to find an option for “{store name} current inventory” but I don’t see it.

How do I create the constraint to function as:
{store name} minimum inventory > {store name} current inventory

This seems so simple and I can’t find it. Maybe I’m braindead this afternoon…

It would be easier to help if you shared a link to your editor or copied the workflow and data to the Bubble Forum app –

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I’ve created a thing, “Shirt”, and a page:

Shirt has a few fields:
Shirt Type
Store One Min QTY (the minimum number of that shirt to stock at this store)
Store One On Hand (the current number of that shirt in stock at this store)
Store Two Min QTY
Store Two On Hand
Store Three Min QTY
Store Three On Hand

On the page I want a repeating group that displays any shirt type that has less on hand than a store’s minimum.

For example, if all stores have more than the minimum for a shirt type it will not display this type in the list.
If one, two, or all three of the stores have an on hand qty that is less than the min qty, then that shirt type will show up on the list.

Basically, I planned to do a three-part merge of searches with constraints like:
Store One Minimum QTY > Store One On Hand

I can find the first half of that formula but I cannot figure out how to finish it using the options listed in the constraint box.

I’d really appreciate any help on this!

Did you ever get this working?

The key is using the search tool in the constraint.

For example:
Store One On Hand < Search for Shirts’s Store One Min QTY:items from #1:last item