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Repeating Group (CRM) Contacts w/ Creation Date From 3 Days Ago


I am wanting to have a Repeating Group show all Contacts (CRM app) that were created on a specific date, in this case 3 days ago. I cant seem to figure out the correct Settings for the Repeating Group and Text box within the Repeating Group which will provide each Contact’s name that meet the date requirements?

I tried going through similar post: How do you Display creation date such as 'x Days ago'? but had no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @bwvemma you can place a ‘Date Picker’ element on the page, and for the repeating group you could add a constraint in the search which would be:

Then in run mode, you would select the date from the date input (09/21/16), and it would display the Users created on that date, or whichever you change it to, in the repeating group.

If you wanted to display all Users in a repeating group (of varying creation dates), sorted by creation date, with a text element which said something like ‘3 days ago’, ‘4 days ago’ (when the User was created), you could have a text element which uses this dynamic data:

Thank you much @fayewatson, I will give that a whirl and see what I come up with.

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No problem at all :slight_smile: