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Dates Filter issue in repeating group

I am trying to develop a basic CRM for my business and i am new to bubble, I need help in configuring date filters for repeating group.
I would like to filter customers with the record created date that is automatically created by bubble.
understand that dates are a date time object and they represent a specific point in time. In my filters, i would like the filtered result to ignore the time field and base the result on just the date.
here are the screen shots of my setup

The problem here is, for example if i try to filter from : 01-Mar-2023 to 02-Mar-2023
the repeating group result would ignore created record on 02-mar-2023 even though i have used the less than equal to ≤ in constraints .
I want all the created record to show up based on the dates i enter. Please guide me and let me know what can i do to solve this issue .

Do you mean that, if you select 1 Mar - 2 Mar, you actually want to show all items created on both 1st March AND 2nd March (in other words, things created between 1st March 00:00 and 3rd March 00:00)?

If so, there’s your answer.

thanks for your quick reply adam …

i have added +(day):1 in constaint and it seems to work as i want.

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