Repeating group data doesn't display without refresh


I am experiencing an issue with displaying correct user data in a repeating group when using privacy settings which locks data down to the creator.

  • The privacy condition I am using is when creator(of data) is the current user.

This works fine logging in and out with a user. It displays user data when logged in and hides all data when not logged in.
This will keep on working until you log in as a different user then it won’t display the new users data because it seems the privacy condition is still looking for the first user.

When the page is refreshed it then must recheck the condition server side and starts displaying the new user data.
The problem with this is I am building a native app I don’t want to use the refresh page function.

Does any one know if the server side privacy condition is only run on page load and not when the conditions change.


No page reload here, shows/hides data without refresh when privacy conditions are met.

Thanks Beau

I see you are having luck with your privacy rules. I have spent days on this one problem and the rest of my app is on hold because of it.
I made a simple example to show you the problem I am having.

Here are the Privacy Rules

Here is the repeating group search. Based on the privacy rules I should never see data that doesn’t belong to the current user.

Step 1 - Page opened and the user is logged out

Step 2 - User number 1 is logged in and data for user number 1 is displayed.

Step 3 - User number 1 is logged out and user number 2 is logged in. the page hasn’t been refreshed yet. Note that user number 1 data is being displayed to the wrong user.

Step 4 - Page is refreshed and user number 2 data is now displayed.

This problem happens even when I try to clear the repeating group list and display new list data. The only way I can get this problem to go away is to remove privacy rules and add constraints in the (do a search) feature which makes my data less secure.

Any Thoughts, Thanks

i think ‘this user is current user’ is not right, try do something else.

Ok so you are swapping accounts? for that to update, have to refresh page sometimes.

Can you try displaying data in repeating group after log out is clicked/log in is clicked.

I have the same issue with accordion elements that open and close Repeating groups instead of closing them I do

(original data source):Until Item#0

maybe try something like that works for my problem!

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