Repeating group data not shown

Hi, I have a repeating group and I want to display data from database with a condition that (in my case) the company name = to the data I get from URL (I have the company name in the URL). But it isn’t displaying anything. Can anyone tell me what my mistake is and how to solve it.

This is getting displayed

Hi there, @abbasmandasorwala4… do you have any privacy rules in place that could be getting in the way?


Hi @mikeloc , I don’t think any privacy rules are getting in the way

You don’t think privacy rules are the issue or you actually know they aren’t? It’s really not possible to help without more screenshots or access to your editor.

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I think the privacy rules cannot be an issue as there is only one rule for that data type. I will attach the screenshot of the privacy rules and the App Data if it helps.

So, when the current user’s system name is the rules and reg’s company name, the user can’t find the rules and reg thing in searches but everyone else can? Is that actually what you want?

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Hi, that isn’t what I wanted to do. But it has been solved now as I was doing a silly mistake and my method works.