Repeating Group Displaying Users

Hello everyone,

I’m working on creating a repeating group that displays all the users that are under 1 specific company. (so the company owner or admin can see all the users they have, add, remove, etc. However, I can’t get it to work. I’m in the repeating group, I select User as the type of content, and then do a search for user with a constraint that company = current user’s company.

It only shows me the current user. Even if I take the constrain/filter off, it still only shows me the current user, not all.

Hi there, @jacobherrmann115… it sounds like your issue could be related to privacy rules, specifically the default rule on the User data type. So, check out that link and see if that is the case.


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Hi Mike, thanks for letting me know, that was exactly the case.
Appreciate it!

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